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Tax Prep

  • Initial consultations are free!
  • We do tax preparation for ALL 50 US STATES!
  • We do personal, corporate, fiduciary, payroll taxes(Oregon), and partnership taxes!

When we prepare your personal taxes...
  • Federal electronic filing is free
  • Electronic filing for all states is free

We offer these fast refund options...
  • Electronic Filing with a Paper Check (3 to 4 weeks*)
    - Tax return filed electronically. Recieve a check in your mail box.
  • Electronic Filing with Direct Deposit (2 to 3 weeks*)
    - Tax return filed electronically. Directly put into your existing bank account.
  • Prepaid Visa Account (2 to 3 weeks*)
    - Third party bank plan that loads your refund onto a Visa card. Get the direct deposit speed without a personal checking or savings account.
* Processing times can vary, depending on IRS processing time